Nerve Center

Demonologists have released their brand new video for ‘Graveyard Ejaculations’, taken from the upcoming split 12″ with DARGAR. Directed by Mitch Massie (known for his video work for Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct, The Locust, etc), this is an exceptionally depraved work of visual/audio sickness. The video was premiered by Bloody Disgusting (link found below) which also includes a write-up from Demonologists’ Cory Rowell about working with Mitch and how the video came together. Viewer beware… (NSFW).



Artwork for the upcoming Demonologists / Dargar split LP. Designed by John Paul Whetzel & Darea Plantin of DEATHSTENCH.

Several releases in the works, some coming sooner than others:

  • Demonologists / Dargar (split LP )
  • En Nihil / Procession of the Black Sloth  (split cs)
  • Procession of the Black Sloth – Portrait of the Corporate Psychopath (c20)
  • Procession of the Black Sloth – RFID Parasitosis – (c2o)
  • En Nihil – Plague Hands (7-inch EP)
  • Flesh Machine – self-titled CDR
  • Unicorn / Frailty of Angels – split CDR